Back and Ready For Action—Happy Video Games Day!

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July 9, 2013 by kazmakid

We’re back and ready to celebrate!

Yes, thats right folks….TPG took a little R&R break but is ready to strike back hotter than a cobra on a hot plate. What better day to return to the world of blogging than the one and only Video Game Day. Now to be honest, this was really a coincidence that I decided to pick this up again but I figured it HAS TO be some weird sign from the Video Game Gods. To begin lets start with what I missed in one quick wrap up….

Xbox one and PS4 were released and the war for console supremacy begins. Among this war is Bungie’s new Destiny, which looks as sexy as every female character in Game of Thrones (easy boys). On top of that GT5 stole some decent spotlight, promising what all GTA fans look for….guns, cars, and weird NPC prostitutes. And of course, Riot releases another strange champ named Aetrox who, like all new LoL champs, has a lots of weird kinks and frustrations (another Anivia passive?!).

This is of course a shoddy real overview of what has been going on in the past months. But for a more interesting idea of how far video games have come check out this link which highlights some mentionable heights of video game history. For the non gamers check out my favorite Video game researcher’s speech, Jane McGonigal.

From single paddle console play to highly interactive and smart motion sensor play, video games continue to break down the barriers of what is possible. It spreads its appeal to cover every niche and personality. In reflection of the history of video games, we can only look forward to its future.

Game on. For now and forever.



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