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May 6, 2013 by kazmakid


The colors, the sounds, the positive feedback mechanisms…These are all just some of the things we overlook in many games. However, has anyone ever realized how important these have to the overarching fun and adhesive nature games have on our psyche?

This is my cup of tea…potion… elixir or whatever race you are you get my point. This is the background noise behind games that I find so unique in its ability to capture over 150 million gamers in the world. So many questions can arise from this which obviously leads to the endless research that is and can be done. Incredible isn’t isn’t? If you have that same mentality to maybe read something you never thought of when it came to looking deeper into games check this out:

Moreover, do not forget all the sincere good games can bring to the world. For some reason I find more false and inaccurate claims about the harm video games bring compared to the beneficial aspects of all types of games. Here is a great example, the other day I had a night of pure seshing in some LoL (*pronouced seh-sh-ing to chill and hang with no regret*) with some friends. The next morning at breakfast I sat with two of my guy friends and across the table were two of our girl friends (40% of gamers are girls btw). As most of the guys looked disheveled, pale and bloodshot we hesitantly explained how we had been up all night playing video games. The two girls immediately sighed and soon the age old question was asked….”how do you guys play for so long? You’re addicted!”. Now as my friends went back and forth arguing about how fun it is and how it is just what we like to do, I began to think about the fact that nobody would be accused of such a “addiction” if we were doing something that was socially beneficial or mentally profitable…

Here is my point—->

Hear is a great point, Jane McGonigal, a researcher, author and imaginative gamer has put on her hero cape and stepped a foot in the right direction with her new innovative projects which emphasize a “better life “gaming mentality. She talks and writes about the many ways games can truly improve peoples lives. While depression, anxiety and other issues regarding mental illness come to surface, McGonigal provides a truly hands on, drug free method to enhance and better our mental health. Isn’t that better than just feeling like something is truly wrong with you? Wouldn’t that be super if people realized all the epic greatness games could do to their brains?

Their is a world out there, hidden in code that can unlock new and amazing possibilities in imagination, fun and even mental health. Projects like these are really why I love games. Trust me, I love that joy in snagging phat loot, or that incredibly beautiful game design that makes you never wanna blink…BUT I always love finding interesting and unique ways video games can impact the world. I love to see people creating video games to HELP other people. After all, when I made this blog I made it not for myself but for the people. 


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