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April 24, 2013 by kazmakid

Wat yer doing round’ these parts, I reckon….


From PAX east, I expressed my enthusiasim for Switchblade Monkey’s highly anticipated Secret Ponchos. I just wanted to get  a quick article out why this is going to make you that reveled western gunslinger that no other game could truly satisfy…

Yes of course now most people right now are thinking, “you naive little punk, Rockstar conquered that train with Red Dead Redemption”. 

PLEASE. I am aware of this. I am as well a fan of the unique and impressive gameplay RDR had to offer. I even felt like that classic Clint Eastwood, John Wayne badass as I pillaged caravans, grabbed any horse I desired, and fought any ugly bastard in the tavern that ran their dumb NPC mouth.

BUT. Besides the most obvious differences between the two games, Secret Ponchos gives players that escape that immerses them in a truly open multiplayer battlefield. It builds upon player  reputation which utilizes something that has been traditionally marked as ranking ladders or medals. It uses a “notoriety” aspect which to some may really bring a “chill in der’ boots” as they mark up against literally one of the most reputable badasses on their server.

WHY. Because we are getting repetitive to some respect. MOBA’s are being released like wildfire and those shoddy RPG’s you keep seeing as advertisements rarely wind up being anything you haven’t seen before. Honestly, I think I’m so excited about this game because as diverse as it may be, it brings me back to the days when I was a wee lad gamer, playing hits such as General Chaos or BattleToads on my Sega Genesis. It’s a simple idea that harps on a fast paced, quick thinking top down shooter. Switch between a single duel or step onto the free for all battlefield where you can even strategically coordinate a gank on an enemy player.


I haven’t heard any noise about release dates but if you have post a comment. If I find out I will update ASAP! I also have to give a shout out to my buddy Hoke who initially sparked my interest in the game (thats why we have friends, to show us great video games.)

OH YEAH. If you have checked this game out you’ll know what I mean when I say DIBBS ON KID RED! Of course remember to check out their website for more details. Don’t believe me? See what IGN has to say.


See you on the other side cowboy…

Game on.


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