TPG’s favorite April Fools gaming gags…get ready to “lulz” for real.


April 1, 2013 by kazmakid

Hey guys did you hear Blizzard came out with a new online card game!?!…just kidding APRIL FOOLS!…wait…that’s not a joke?…god I wish it was…

Here at TPG we LOVE the humor that players have to offer. That’s why it’s time to take a quick break and laugh a little…or pretend to.

(Creepy yet hilarious “The Jokes…on YOU!”)

It’s the day of jokes, gags, and straight up humor bits. Sadly, I did not have the time nor the delicate planning to prank anyone but I did bump into a couple of humorous video game related April fools bits.

Now Riot LOVES to play their cards on April fools. Some of us may remember past years of Urf the manatee or the blind monk champion spotlight. So obviously Riot had to play the game this year. Riots ate up the celebration with the new Rampage style 2D game called Cho’Gath Eats the World (CHEW). Now besides how ridiculous this game is with its simple eat all destroy all gameplay, it is actually extremely entertaining and quite fun! As you progress through cities you are faced with quick LoL enemy cameos who, when eaten, increase Cho’Gath’s gigantic stature (obviously as in the real game) and award you with bonus points. There is also a hilarious sub plot involving Cho’Gath’s gentlemen skin. Riot even went that extra effort to throw in a mini game that brings us back to the pipeline rocket games from our high school T89 calculators. If you’re looking to pass the time definitely check it out.

Click this link to find the game:

(You can download it from this link also since I think Riot took it off the site! Update 7/11)

(My high score is 76,000…game on.)

Now the second April fools gag is of course brought to you by the masters in bringing you your daily fix of gaming news. IGN released their new iPlay console. A hilarious stab at the all white background apple commercials and apple gimmicks. Now don’t get me wrong I really do appreciate what Apple has to offer, but the guys at IGN definitely got this one down perfect.

Yo…have you heard of Gmail blue?…its just so amazing. I can’t wait to download it.Finally my last shoutout for the 2013 April fools jokes doesn’t necessarily involve gaming but is definitely worth its weight in gold. For those of you who are frequent Gmail users, myself included, I found this absolutely hilarious. Enjoy, because the future…is at your doorstep.

Now there were some others out there but I felt these two needed their proper credit. If you wish to see more check out this Video game April Fools.

Now just for some classic humor bits here is just some classic good ole fashion humor:


God don’t people in Pokemon realize at anytime their beloved pets could turn on them?

tpg 3

Brotherly Love.


Like a boss.


If you happen to find some of your own definitely drop them in the comments bar!

Wish you the best of luck in fooling your loved ones and in staying safe…

By the way Game of Throne Fans did you hear Tyrion Lannister is leaving the show?!

Bye Bye Tyrion!

Oh and for anyone of you “GIRLS” fans.

Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to start some trouble out there.

Joke on.


6 thoughts on “TPG’s favorite April Fools gaming gags…get ready to “lulz” for real.

  1. No Pokemon Snap trailer…. disapointing

    However, Leroy Jenkins is my all time favorite video, and to me, that is the best prank of all time….

  2. JT says:

    Blizzard gave us Starcraft 2 fans a good prank today. Anyone who has been following the game knows that a new expansion just came out and that one of the units cut during beta testing, namely the warhound. The joke was making every races worker units appear as scaled down versions of the warhound for the day. David Kim also gave us a nice little “report” on how balanced this addition of warhounds is.–_April_1_2013-3_31_2013


  3. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads
    up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I
    think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

    • kazmakid says:

      Hey! Thanks for the heads up!
      Sorry about the linking issues…I went back and retested them they seem like they are all still up and working on my end…is there a specific link or photo?…I will continue to look into it however! The only link that is outdated is the Cho Gath game which I just found a downloadable version from Reddit. Sorry again hopefully it will work next time around!

      Game on.

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