Riot’s new champion announcments and why we love them


March 19, 2013 by positronicmind

Riot has recently fully revealed the kit and model for their newest champion ZAC and it has the community buzzing to see the newest jungle/bruiser addition to the League of Legends. However today we are going to focus on preview, which first lit the spark that started the wildfire of excitement for this green meanie.

Riot introduced an interesting way to announce their new champions with Quinn, the latest champion to be released. Instead of a few teaser images and a sparse paragraph to tantalize players, they instead released pages from her journal to give us a glimpse of the flavor behind Demacia’s Wings. 


Like a kid reading our older sister’s diary, we couldn’t stop reading. Each page revealed left us wanting more, and yet containing in itself volumes of juicy flavor about the hunter and her bird companion. Each page sparked a frenzy of discussion on the forums and gave us a better understand of Quinn’s character than a simple teaser picture and description ever could have.

Riot then hit a second home run by keeping the same formula for ZAC. It started with an innocuous seeming page from a laboratory log-book, which expanded into experiment notes and other lab documents. Through them, we learned about his “parents”, two Zaun scientists who saw in their creation more than just an engineered killer. The pages took us through his adolescence, which conveyed in us the same caring for a cute blob creature that his parents felt, even without seeing the Flubber-like proto-champion (although page 2 gives us some cute silhouettes). 


The story was completed with his reveal, wherein his parents escaped the despotic city of Zaun to raise ZAC as any caring parents would, with compassion and understanding. Now, a full grown blob monster, ZAC has returned to his birthplace to clean up the over industrialized city and protect those who are just trying to stay out from under the heel of Zaun’s mega-corporations, much as he did as a youth-booger.

It is this author’s sincere hope that Riot performs a hat-trick with a third announcement in similar fashion. This is exactly what lore-hounds across the playerscape have been itching for: a glimpse into the world of Runeterra and its characters, without jamming the story down our throats. Until the next champion comes out (probably around May) we can only hope for more like this.


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