Positronic’s Lore Corner: Inaugural Edition

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March 10, 2013 by positronicmind

Hello out there to all you…all you…

Hmm what do I even call you guys?

I would say “Hello Summoners” but is that even appropriate anymore? Should I say “players” or “users” or even “athletes”? I ask because I feel like the term “Summoner” is started to lose some of its relevancy. Oh yes, we’re going to talk about LORE, and where it went.

Now I’m not going to bash on the LoL users that play purely for competitive enjoyment. No, this column is for all the lore-hounds out there who want to savor the flavor of League of Legends. We’re the ones who diligently followed the Journal of Justice (rest in peace). We like to make custom matches and stack the teams with members of different factions (Piltover rules!). We like to play champions that we identify with on a thematic level. We write geeky fan-fiction, not just for our champions, but for their skins too. We are the outnumbered, marginalized connoisseurs of the tales of Runeterra. If any of what I said and more applies to you, then this column is for you, and you are not alone!

I also don’t want to make it sound like I’m attacking Riot about the lore. I’m simply stating the truth that League of Legends has begun to shift more towards the competitive e-sports side of gaming, and that’s okay! Riot has made the most successful e-sport in history by focusing on the sport of League of Legends, and to their credit, their champion design still oozes with thematic flavor with each new champion released. Champions still feel like their abilities match their character and background. To speak frankly, Riot obviously made the right decision in their focus, and it’s made them one of the most successful franchises in video games.

However, many players still are left grasping at empty space for more juicy lore about…well anything, outside of champion backgrounds. With the Journal of Justice, there was a living world that we could follow and trace back over a pretty long period of time. Now the only lore about the world of Runeterra that we get is the barest glimpses in new champion backgrounds. Many lore-heads were excited with the Shadow Isles patch because it reimagined the Twisted Treeline and finally opened some insight to a region of Runeterra only barely hinted at. 

We lore-fiends are a hard to satisfy bunch. We always want more, but we don’t know what we want. It’s a dangerous combination, because that’s what ruined Star Wars (Ep.I-III). It puts Riot in the precarious position of wanting to disclose as much as possible, while still leaving room for our own individual imaginations (and our wallets).

Each week I’ll pick some of the juicier fan-fiction from the League of Legends Forum. We’ll also look at champions and their skins, as well as what we would like to see more of for each. So in closing, let me just say welcome Summoners to your lore blog.


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