Every man dies, not every man really plays

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March 7, 2013 by kazmakid

Image(League of Legends Championship S2)

Welcome to the revolution of gaming. If you are like us here at The People’s Guild, you will find yourself in a monumental era, a revolution of video gaming. A time of fruition, a destiny that has taken the many hidden gamers and placed them in stadiums surrounded by thousands of admiring fans. My friends and gaming comrades (possibly enemies on the field of virtual battles), we are approaching the summit of the what gaming was truly meant to be, and here at TPG, we welcome not solely the pro’s or IGN journalists, but the majority of gamers, those who, like many, had that “SWA” (Serious WoW Addiction), or mastered all forces of Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. Simply said, we are the place for the conglomerate of majority gamers, we are the The Pepole’s Guild.

To start things off I feel it is best to introduce myself and my main mission or quest. Let me first say, I am by no means a pro…anything. Not a pro gamer, nor an editor or even blog much. In fact, I’m really just a student with a busy life trying to figure out a career. From a young age however I always loved video games, really who didn’t? As I grew older, so did games. First person shooters became more violent, intricate, and contagious. Developers continued to push the walls on what was possible. Now I’m really not going to go too much into this because it yields a depth that should be discussed with proper context. My point is, we all have seen how games have changed, and whether you love or hate video games we have all experienced the impact they have made and the respect they have gained. With this, grew a culture that was not a stereotypical nerd in glasses or a robotic Asian. But from the homestead of Pallet town, or the beautiful country side of Hyrule there grew a culture that had all types of ages and “types” of people. The idea that a culture grew is paramount enough to the experience that video games have in some people’s lives.

When I first started getting into the “gamers life”, always complimented by a heavy dosage of red bull to the face and a bag of Doritos, I was fascinated by simply the people in those games. The trolls, the kinder peoples, the leaders, the followers, the competitors, all in a virtual reality, a development of a subculture came into focus with player constructed guides, large forums and virtual guilds.

This is all great and much respect to those who are in guilds or were once in it or were enthralled in any type of game for an extended period of time. However, this leaves out a majority; the people who love games but really can’t get into the swallowing depths of gaming. The people who just want the fun, not the number crunching or the frustration of being ridiculed or harshly criticized for an opinion—This is where we come in, because we are The People’s Guild.

TPG is a simple blog for people just looking for some quick fun, or want the simple clean fun of gaming without the trolls. We want to bring back gaming to the people and develop a place where people can get information, laugh a bit, be reminded of why they love gaming in the first place and then even possibly contribute some stuff of their own. Now to be clear, this is no attack on the competitors, again I respect anyone who loves the sport in gaming, but when you need a break from the complex and extensive side of game news and information you will know where to find it.

Again, we /ginvite you to TPG and look forward to the relaxed and entertaining material we have to offer.  Game on friends.



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